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Thirteen students standing on the stage facing the audience. Two teachers are in front of them.

Teen Classes

Our teen improv classes provide a unique opportunity for teens, 13-18-years-old, to improv(e) their skills while having a blast. Our classes focus on creating an environment for building confidence, self-expression, and creativity. 

Monthly Teen Classes

Three teens in our teen class.

Cost: $25 per class.

Dates: Teen workshops are held on the second Saturday of the month (January - June) from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

Come learn the building blocks of improvisational theater!  Each workshop will focus on one main aspect of improv:  storytelling, mime, environment creation, character development, and spontaneity. While there will be a different theme/emphasis for each workshop, every session starts with a review of previous ones, so new students may join at any time.

Working together as a group, students will learn the basics of improv in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment by creating and telling stories through scene work. Improv builds communication skills, boosts self-confidence, and instills positive life skills. 

Five students sitting down, facing forward. One student standing behind  them, improvising the holding of a microphone as if he is interviewing the other students.
Eleven students standing in a circle preparing for the show.

More Teen Classes Under Development

Three students laughing during a performance.
2 students are standing. one student has his hand one the other students shoulder. They are facing another student who is kneeling.
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