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I Can't Sing - Musical Improv


Are you looking to enhance your musical skills and discover the art of creating songs on the spot?
This class is ideal for improvisers seeking to expand their musical abilities or individuals new to musical improv. 

Over the course of 4 weeks, in " I Can't Sing" we'll cover chorus techniques, dive into crafting lyrics, and engage in entertaining musical improv games.

Here are what students are saying about the class.

"Michael and Dave were absolutely great instructors.  I loved how they took notes when we were practicing and would reference specific things they liked or thought were particularly good. I also felt like they were really great at explaining concepts and working with all levels of experience.  I would absolutely take this course again, and I would absolutely take a longer, more in-depth course with the two of them on this.  Great teachers, I cannot express that enough." -Laura

"Michael and David created a fun, casual, supportive environment and everyone made great progress… and okay (maybe preferable) if you can’t sing!!" 

Must be 18 or older to participate.


July 11th - August 1 (Thursdays)




319 S Cedar St, Spokane, WA, USA



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