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Teen Camps

Welcome to the teens improv camp page. Our camps are week-long experiences tailored toward teenagers that encourage creativity and fun. Through a series of engaging games, activities, and exercises students develop communication skills, boost self-confidence, and learn to think on their feet. Our experienced faculty encourage teamwork, collaboration, and laughter. Our camps present our students with endless possibilities.

Winter Camp

School is out on break so join us to unleash your creativity, sharpen your improv skills and lean engaging and fun improv games in our four-day winter improv camp! Whether you're a beginner looking to dive into the world of improv or an experience performer seeking to refine your skills, this camp is for you.


When: January 2nd to 5th 

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Price $200

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Send a Student to Camp

Send a Student to Camp provides scholarships to support children whose families may not  be able to afford an improv camp experience. By contributing to our Youth Fund, you can help make a student's wish come true to participate in an improv camp. Our Youth Fund is funded solely through donations.

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Intro to Improv Teens

Perfect for teens looking for an introduction to improv theatre!

In this one-week camp, students will learn the essentials of comedic improvisation. Our trained instructors will teach a variety of improv skills: warm-ups, games, characterization, storytelling, and more. No theater experience is necessary. This intro class is perfect for teens looking to improve their acting ability and learn how to take risks in a safe environment.

This camp is closed for the summer.

Sketch Camp

Get ready to unleash your inner comedian as you dive into the world of creating sketch comedy! Learn how to generate fresh and funny ideas, write and revise and film your sketches so you can share your comedic creations with the world.


This camp will return in Summer 2024. 

Check out the video of students talking about their experiences at Sketch Camp.

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Improv: Characters and Narratives

Learn the art of creating engaging narratives and characters on the spot. In the camp, instructors will guide you through a variety of exercises and edits that will help you develop the skills you need for long-form improv. 

This camp will return in Summer 2024. 

Check out the video of students talking about their experiences at Character camp.

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