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Adult Classes

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Unlock your potential and embrace the art of spontaneity with our adult improv classes. Whether you are a seasoned performer, new to the stage, or seeking to develop professionally or personally, our classes offer a dynamic environment where you can explore your creativity, improve communication skills, meet new people, or grow as a performer. Led by experienced faculty, each class provides a supportive learning community where you can enhance your confidence, try out new skills, or just have a good time. These classes are for everyone 18 or older.

Classes We Offer

Intro to Improv

Our 8-week introduction to improv class is for everyone! Whether you're an improv veteran looking to get a brush-up on the basics or someone who's never even heard of improv until you came to our site, our introductory class is for you!

Pun Workout

Are you a fan of wordplay, dad jokes, and groan-worthy humor? Are you a language lover? Join us for an entertaining pun class where you'll dive into the world of puns and discover the art of crafting clever and punny phrases. This interactive 2-hour session will explore the intricacies of puns, from double entendres to playful twists on words.

Improv and

Say “Yes, And!” to self care! During this 4-week class, you’ll learn how the basics of improv can help reduce stress, deal with uncertainty and improve wellbeing. 

Characters and Narratives

Our 8-week Characters and Narratives improv class is great for everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned improv veteran aiming to develop new improv skills, or someone who’s yet to explore the world of improv but has the willingness to try, our class is for you!  

Improv and Poetry

Join us in saying "yes, and" to your inner creative voice! See how the basics of improv can translate into writing your own innovative poetry. Learn the basics of improv and poetry through an engaging mix of group games, literary conversations and writing prompts. 

Improv for Lawyers: Storytelling

Improvisation and storytelling go hand in hand. This is also true for the practicing lawyer. The strength of your story, both in its content and presentation, is critical. This course gives participants the power to refine a story for presentation and how to discover that story within a legal framework.

Tropical Shapes

Check out what students are saying

Since the end of the pandemic, I found myself in a shell and I needed to crack it to be myself again. This class did just that. I gained confidence, a few new pals, and my spark is back. Thank you.
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