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​Improv League All-City Showcase

MAY 22ND, 7:30PM

Join us at Rogers High School for an unforgettable evening filled with laughter! Featuring performances by Rogers, Ferris, Mt Spokane High School, as well as a performance by The Blue Door Theatre Improv League instructors.

The All-City Improv League Showcase will highlight the incredible improv skills that these teams have honed over the past year. Not only will you be entertained by the wit and creativity of our talented students, but your support will also directly contribute to the growth of improv league.


Proceeds from the show go to expanding our program and provide even more opportunities for students to develop their improvisation skills. 

Don't miss out on this unique event that is sure to leave you laughing all night! 


May 22, 2024, 7:00pm, doors 6:30pm 
Students $5  / Adults $10 


Improv League

Improv League is a transformative program developed and taught by Spokane School of Improv faculty, aiming to provide high school students with comprehensive improv experiences. 


Improv lets students celebrate spontaneity, collaboration, and quick thinking, resulting in unique and hilarious performances.


Through weekly workshops, collaborative shows, and inter-school competitions, students enhance their creative thinking abilities, cultivate soft skills, experience personal growth, and develop relationships with peers from various schools.


They also contribute to a vibrant theatre community in the schools. 

Program Overview


At the start of the year, the program is promoted to students to learn more about Improv League and being part of a team. The improv faculty and the school’s theatre teacher collaborate to create an inclusive learning environment for the students. The number of students who participate is flexible to accommodate individual school needs and culture.

Team Leadership

Each improv team is assigned 2-3 captains through a ranked choice vote, with one captain chosen by the team’s improv faculty and the drama department head. These captains serve as a liaison between the team and the coach, host shows, and demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities to inspire the team.


Weekly Improv Workshops

Experienced improv faculty facilitate weekly workshops. These sessions cover a diverse range of topics including, but not limited to, physicality, active listening, story-driven narrative, character relationships, trust-building, and short-form improv games. The workshops are designed to nurture students’ improv skills, while fostering personal development.


Collaborative Shows

Throughout the year, students organize monthly or bi-monthly shows for their families, friends, and community members. These shows serve as platforms for students to demonstrate their creativity, gain valuable experience performing in front of live audiences, and cultivate self-expression and confidence.  The student captains take responsibility for hosting shows, further developing their leadership abilities.


All-Area Improv League Meetups

To foster collaboration and inter-school relationships, students participate in monthly meetups. These gatherings bring together improv teams from different schools, allowing students to learn about each other’s plays, theater department initiatives, and engage in joint improv exercises. These meetups expand students’ improv skills, facilitate networking opportunities, and promote a culture of learning.

Final Showcase

At the culmination of the program, Improv League brings together all participating teams for a highly anticipated final showcase. This showcase is a celebration of the students’ growth, dedication, and mastery of improv skills.  Each team demonstrates their unique strengths, creativity, and comedic talents while highlighting the diversity of approaches within the league. Family, friends, other students, and community members come together to experience these exceptional performances of the teams. 


To help make Improv League happen, the high school teams need your help.  If you would like to sponsor a high school team, contact us at Learn more about how you can add your logo to our website and promotional materials.

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