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Pun Workout


Are you a fan of wordplay, dad jokes, and groan-worthy humor? Are you a language lover? Join us for an entertaining pun class where you'll dive into the world of puns and discover the art of crafting clever and punny phrases. This interactive 2-hour session will explore the intricacies of puns, from double entendres to playful twists on words.

Whether you're a seasoned punster or new to the pun scene, this class offers a great opportunity to enhance your linguistic creativity and share a few laughs. Get ready to pun-ch up your language skills and leave with a smile and a pocket full of puns!

This workshop is taught by Annica Eagle. A Pacific Northwest local, she is the founder and host of The Punderground (Spokane's pre-eminent punning competition) and holds two world punning titles. When she's not teaching, she can be found blacksmithing, dancing, reading, writing, and watching her unicycle gather dust.

Our class closed on September 23. Sign up for our mailing list to learn more about when this class and other classes will be open for registration.






319 S Cedar St, Spokane, WA, USA



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